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What Are My Rights if My Car is Repossessed?

If you purchased or leased a car or truck in California and it has been repossessed it can be an extremely stressful experience – but you still have rights. You have a right not to be threatened or assaulted by the repo company, you have a right to reclaim your personal property that was in the vehicle when it was taken, you are entitled to receive specific written information after the repossession, and in some cases you have a right to get your car or truck back by either purchasing it outright or becoming current on your loan. If the lender or repossession company violated your rights then you may be entitled to get your car back, to have your loan balance eliminated, or to monetary damages.

Important: if you leased a Mercedes-Benz automobile that was subsequently repossessed check this site’s Mercedes-Benz Lease Repossessions webpage for important information about potentially having your deficiency balance eliminated.

Want to Learn More About Repossession Laws in California?

California’s repossession laws are slightly different depending on whether you leased or purchased your car or truck. Click on one of the links below to read about the laws that apply to your situation.

How Can I Find Out if My Car Was Repossessed?

Sometimes consumers come home to find that their car or truck is no longer there, and are not sure whether the vehicle was repossessed or stolen. However, finding out if your vehicle was repossessed should be relatively simple.

First, you should call the bank or finance company that is financing your purchase or lease. If it is a reputable company, it will have employees who have this information, who deal with these situations frequently, and who can give you additional information.

If contacting the bank or finance company isn’t an option for some reason, then you can also call the police department of the city where the vehicle was located when it was taken. California law requires that vehicle repossesses file a report with the local police department whenever they repossess an automobile. Typically the police will not have as much information about the repossession as the bank or finance company, but they are an option if you cannot or don’t want to contact the lender.

Want to Talk to a Consumer Law Attorney About Your Legal Rights?

If your car was repossessed and you think that your legal rights were violated, you can talk to an experienced consumer law lawyer to learn more about your rights. The Vachon Law Firm provides free consultations in repossession, lemon law, and car dealer fraud cases. Call us today at 1-855-LEMON-LAW (1-855-453-6665) for information about California’s repossession laws.

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