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Car Dealer Ready to Committ Auto FraudThink you are a victim of car dealership fraud? Were you lied to or tricked by a deceitful California automobile dealer? If so, call the Vachon Law Firm We not only take California lemon law cases, we also represent consumers in a wide variety of fraud and illegal business practices lawsuits against car dealers, wholesalers, retail sellers, and brokers. By utilizing California’s powerful consumer protection statutes we have forced many car dealerships to repurchase lemon vehicles – even though there was no technical violation of the California lemon law – because we were able to prove that the dealer was engaged in some type of scam to rip off car buyers.

It’s not uncommon for drivers of lemon cars and trucks to call us seeking advice about the California lemon law, only to have us point out that the vehicle’s seller was engaged in some type of illegal scheme that the vehicle owner did not even suspect. Indeed, regardless of why you are reading this Web site, we recommend that you check this site’s pages on falsifying down payment amounts, failing to disclose negative equity, and backdating vehicle purchase and lease contracts. These are some of the most common forms of auto fraud that we can use to help you get your money back.

Types of Car Dealer Fraud You Should ALWAYS Look Out For

The links listed below are a list of the most common forms of car dealer fraud that California consumers have reported to the Vachon Law Firm. If any of these apply to you, then read the auto fraud information on this site and call California car dealer fraud attorney Michael Vachon, LL.M. If the car dealer committed any of these deceptive scams when he sold your car, then you may be entitled to get your money back:

If you were cheated by a California car dealership in one of these types of sham transactions, or if you think the seller was engaged in some other ruse or illegal swindle, then call the Vachon Law Firm right now. We can be reached toll free at (855) 4-LEMON-LAW. Car dealer fraud consultations are always FREE!!

One of California’s Most Experienced Car Dealer Fraud Attorneys

Michael Vachon, LL.M. is not only an expert in litigating California lemon law cases, he is also one of California’s most experienced and most aggressive auto fraud lawyers. From the earliest stages of his career as a consumer fraud attorney he worked for and with law firms that that helped to forge and develop California’s auto fraud rules. He developed pleading forms and legal techniques that are now widely used by consumer fraud attorneys all over California.

So if you are a victim of car dealer trickery or dishonest conduct, call the Vachon Law Firm for your free consultation. California car dealer fraud attorney Michael Vachon, LL.M. will give you clear, concise assessment of your legal options. If you have a car dealer fraud case we will tell you, and if you don’t we will tell you that too.