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Car AdvertisementCalifornia’s Vehicle Code generally prohibit California car dealers from selling automobiles to consumers for more than the prices at which the dealers advertised them. This rule applies even if the consumer buying it never saw and does not mention it. The only exception is ads that specify that their prices are valid for a limited time only. If you bought a car for more than its advertised price, you may be entitled to a refund or money back.

With the proliferation of Internet advertising, it is now easier than ever for consumers to find out the price at which a car dealership was advertising your recently-purchased automobile. All you need to do is run an Internet search (e.g., using Google or Bing) for your vehicle’s 17-digit vehicle identification (“VIN”) number. Since California law requires car dealers to include VIN numbers in their advertisement, a simple Internet search usually uncovers all of the recently-posted advertisements for your car or truck. You can find the VIN number on your purchase contract, any repair invoice, your registration card, or your proof of insurance card. In entering the VIN number, bear in mind that it never contains the letter “O,” rather what may appear to be an “O” is always a zero.

Did You Pay Too Much For Your Car?

If you have a copy of the advertisement for your new car, and it lists a price lower than the price at which you bought it, you may be entitled to compensation or a refund. Save a copy of the ad, remember where you saw it, and then call an experienced consumer protection attorney to discuss your potential legal claims.

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