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Woman Pushing CarIn California, the lemon law statute applies to all defects that substantially impair the use, value, or safety of an automobile. Defects that prevent a vehicle from starting or which cause it to stall are the epitome of a lemon-law defect. They unquestionably impair the use of the automobile, typically will decrease its value, and can have serious safety implications (for example, failing to accelerate when you try to merge onto the highway, or leaving the driver stranded in an isolated or dangerous location).

If you have had two or more repair attempts for a stalling or failure-to-start defect, then you may qualify for a lemon law buyback, and should contact a consumer rights attorney immediately to discuss your legal rights.

What if the Repairing Dealer Couldn’t Replicate the Defect?

A common challenge in stalling and failing-to-start lawsuits arises when the repairing dealership was never able to duplicate the problem. In these cases, the manufacturers typically try to argue that the vehicle owners are either lying or that they somehow caused the stalling or failure-to-start incidents. For this reason, if there are any witnesses to your automobile’s defect, you should get their names and phone numbers so that they can help you prove your case.

That being said, even if you do not have any witnesses, you should still call an attorney to discuss your vehicle’s stalling defect. Experienced consumer law attorneys are experts in figuring out how to prove the existence of automobile defects, and will often find a way to gather the proof that you need for a successful lawsuit.

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