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Automobiles Being Shipped to CaliforniaConsumers who bought lemon cars and trucks in other States often ask whether the California lemon law applies to automobiles purchased outside of California. This can be a very complex legal issue, which usually requires that you obtain an opinion from an expert attorney who specializes in this lemon law. That being said, the California lemon law’s rules for out-of-State automobiles are roughly summarized below. Again however, because of the complexity of this issue, it is recommended that you seek legal advice regarding the facts specific to your case.

The California Lemon Law Only Covers Vehicles “Sold” in California

On its face, California’s lemon law statute only covers vehicles that are “sold” in California. Therefore, when it is clear that a consumer bought a vehicle in another State, California’s lemon law does not apply.

Of course, there are some scenarios in which it is not quirt so clear where a vehicle was sold. In particular, some Californians buy their automobiles from car dealers in other States, and have the vehicles either shipped to California or to some other location for the consumers to take possession. Figuring out where these automobiles are “sold” for lemon law purposes requires an analysis of where legal title transferred from the seller to the buyer. Accordingly, if you want to find out whether your out-of-State car or truck is covered by the California lemon law, you need to consult with an expert lemon lawyer who will analyze your transaction and any documentation that you have.

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